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Colombia La Victoria

Colombia La Victoria

Light Roast

La Victoria is the best group lot coffee we buy from Colombia, hands down. It’s our sixth consecutive year offering this coffee from this group of small scale producers in Santa Maria and Palermo, Huila.

  • We taste: White Chocolate, Orange, Berries
  • Region: Santa Maria and Palermo, Huila
  • Elevation: 1700 - 2200 masl
  • Process: Washed
  • Varieties: Castillo, Pink bourbon, Caturra, Chiroso, San Bernardo, Typica
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The Story Behind the Coffee

Our supplier for this coffee, the Coffee Quest, has launched a new initiative called “Producers of the Future” to further enhance productivity, quality, and overall well-being of the farmers. They currently have 12 farmers from this area who are onboard with this initiative. The coffees this group is producing are 84.5 - 85 pt coffees and these have a fixed minimum price that is about 20-40% higher compared to local prices for commercial lots. 

“Jamer Cubillos is an exemplary member of our “Productores del Futuro” program. He hails from Finca El Triangulo and represents the third generation of coffee growers. With a passion for preserving tradition, Jamer plans to pass down his knowledge to his siblings. By joining our program, he has transitioned from traditional farming to a more advanced approach. Jamer is particularly keen on exploring the fermentation process, and our program offers him specialized guidance to improve the cup quality through fermentation techniques.” -The Coffee Quest

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