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Colombia Finca El Triunfo

Colombia Finca El Triunfo

Light Roast

One of our favorite Colombia micro-lots, El Triunfo by Audon Solano, is back for the 5th year! Enjoy this bright washed Colombia, boasting distinct notes of brown sugar, passionfruit, and candied pecan - a shining representation of the finest coffee from Huila.

  • We Taste: Brown Sugar, Passionfruit, Candied Pecan
  • Producer: Audon Solano
  • Region: Palermo, Huila
  • Altitude: 1,800 masl
  • Variety: Caturra, Colombia
  • Process: Washed
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The Story Behind the Coffee

Audon Solano, the farmer and mastermind behind El Triunfo, cultivates not only exceptional coffee but also tends to banana and tangelo trees. Audon’s hard work and creativity shines through El Triunfo. This coffee undergoes a fermentation process for 24, then 36 hours. First, it’s fermented in cherry for 24 hours, it is then de-pulped and undergoes an additional 36 hours of fermentation. This two-step fermentation process adds extra complexity to the cup! We pick up a bright and citrusy acidity with a great balance, notes of brown sugar, passionfruit, candied pecan and some orange… or is that tangelo? We truly believe this is one of the best coffees out of Colombia, and our commitment to roasting it for the past 5 years attests to its exceptional quality.

Word-of-mouth led Audon Solano to our export partner’s buying station in Santa Maria, Colombia a short distance from where Audon lives. This relationship has been going for 7 years and has enabled Audon to continue pouring love and hard work into his farm. The end result? Fantastic coffee.

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