Graphic image explaining colors on the coffee bag.

Our Colors Explained

What do all these colors represent? Here's a quick explanation behind our color scheme with our new recyclable bags. Scroll to learn more.

  • Image of white circle with colors.

    Limited Release

    The Limited Release (white label) has some of our most unique micro lots that are fruit forward in their profile. These vary in processing, but tend to be naturals, honeys, and anaerobic processed coffees. Occasionally we select high end, fruit forward washed coffees for our white label. We aim to launch a new one each month.

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  • Image of purple circle.

    Latin American Single Origin

    The Purple Label has the cleanest and most vivid washed process coffees we can source from Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and other central and south American countries for this slot.

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  • Image of teal circle.

    Latin America Micro Lot

    The Teal Label has standout central and south American coffees that are fruit forward in their profile. Generally, these will be honey and natural processed coffees.

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  • Image of pink circle.

    Africa Micro Lot

    The Pink Label has some of the highest scoring and clean tasting coffees we source from Ethiopia, Kenya and other African countries. We source naturals, honeys and washed coffees for this slot.

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  • Image of yellow circle.

    Africa Single Origin

    The Yellow Label has the cleanest and most vivid coffees we can source from Ethiopia, Uganda and other African countries. These are generally washed processed, but occasionally clean honeys or naturals will fill this slot.

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    Our dedicated decaf drinkers, this one's for you—an organic, responsibly sourced, and chemical-free coffee that still has all the flavor and taste you’re looking for.

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  • Image of green circle.

    Breakfast Blend

    Organic with rich, sweet, smooth flavors our Breakfast Blend will have you dreaming of your morning coffee all day long.

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    If you need a boost, look no further. Bandwidth, our lightest blend, will get you through the day, every day.

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  • Image of bright blue circle.

    Wild Espresso

    Our Organic Wild Espresso is electric—it’s bold and flavorful, with notes of bittersweet chocolate and baked berry that will delight your taste buds from the very first sip.

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  • Image of black circle.

    Punch in the Face

    A Backyard Beans staple since 2014, this dark and bold organic coffee packs a big punch in the best way possible.

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    Seasonal Blend

    Seasonal blends are offered in the Fall, Holiday, Winter, Spring and Summer. That’s 5 unique blends a year!

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