A few guidelines that apply to most brew methods:

  1. Filtered water is ideal. Avoid brewing with distilled/reverse osmosis water because the lack of minerals can result in a flat tasting coffee.
  2. Ideally, grind beans fresh with a burr grinder. While not cheap, burr grinders do make a difference in aroma and taste.
  3. Keep brewing equipment clean to avoid that old stale coffee smell.
  4. Water temperature should be between 195-205°F
  5. Use a digital scale to measure the coffee and water for a proper ratio. A good starting point is a 1/16 ratio, for every 16 oz of water use 1 oz of beans. Adjust this ratio according to your preference.
  6. Flush the brewing device and filter with hot water before brewing. This pre-heats the device and flushes out any papery taste from the filter.