Graphic of a French Press

French Press

Easy, rich, and bold. Don’t want to fiddle around with filters and slow pours required by other manual brew methods? The French press delivers a rich cup due to the full immersion method with a metal mesh filter that allows more fines and oils to come through in the cup. 

Image of 60g of coffee measured.



In this guide we are using an 8 cup, 34 oz French Press. 

  • Get your water boiling. When it does boil, let it sit off boil for 1-2mins. 
  • Weigh out 60g of coffee. A level tablespoon is roughly 6g, so 10 tablespoons should do the trick. 
Image of what a medium grind looks like.



Grind medium or medium/fine. Grinding coarse for French Press leads to under extracted, sour tasting, weak coffee. 

Image of kettle pouring water into French Press.



When your water is ready add it to the coffee and fill the cylinder, start a timer. 

Image of French Press.



  • Once the grounds settle to the top give it a good stir to sink the grounds. Don’t break the glass! 
  • Apply plunger to trap the heat. 
Image of hand on French Press plunger.



At 4 minutes slowly press the plunger down, pour and enjoy!

Image of French Press pouring into coffee mug.



Transfer all coffee from press to carafe or mug to stop the extraction process. You don’t want your 2nd cup to be bitter and over-extracted!