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Breakfast Blend - Organic

Breakfast Blend - Organic

Organic Medium Roast

With rich, sweet, smooth flavors our Breakfast Blend will have you dreaming of your morning coffee all day long.

  • We Taste: Caramel, Apple, Chocolate
  • Origin: in season Latin American coffees, currently Colombia and Peru
  • Process: Washed
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The Story Behind the Coffee

True to its name, this coffee is the perfect addition to your morning. With just the right balance of acidity Breakfast Blend features all of the delicious, robust flavors you look forward to in that first sip!

Through the coffee roasting process, the sugars in the beans become caramelized, so the coffee will taste increasingly bitter as it’s caramelized more. But since Breakfast Blend is a balance of medium caramelization and mild acidity, it’s got a chocolaty, nutty, rich, and smooth flavor profile that will kick your breakfast up a notch.

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