• Image of Punch in the Face can.

    Punch in the Face

    Our signature brew, Punch in the Face, is a single origin organic certified coffee from Honduras that has gained a reputation as a Backyard Beans’ favorite.  With its powerful, rich taste and sweet notes of chocolate, you may just want a Punch in the Face every day.

  • Image of Organic Cold Brew can.

    Organic Cold Brew

    Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee, made from a custom blend of organic coffees from Latin America, is packed with caffeine and offers a sweeter flavor, with underlying notes of chocolate and a nutty finish.

  • Image of Spark Cold Brew can.

    Spark Cold Brew

    Spark is the fruitiest tasting in our cold brew line up. We taste notes of citrus, berries, and brown sugar in this iteration.

More on Cold Brew

What is Cold Brew?

As opposed to being brewed quickly with hot water, this coffee is created using an active brew method at ambient temperature, which is then rapidly chilled to maintain the best possible flavor profile and product integrity. Our active brew method allows us to adapt our brewing technique to suit the character of the roast, be it all the chocolatey goodness of Punch in the Face, the sweetness of Organic, or the delicate berry tones of Spark.

What Makes Our Cold Brew Even Cooler...

Nitro cold brew is chilled, infused with nitrogen and served on tap and in our 12 ounce cans. The creamy mouthfeel and velvet-like texture makes it the perfect cup of iced coffee. Get this special treat by visiting our cafes or find a local retailer near you.

Is Cold Brew Available as Wholesale?

Our Cold Brew is available wholesale for your workplace, gym, or store. Send an e-mail to sales@backyardbeans.com for more information.

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