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Decaf - Organic

Decaf - Organic

Medium Roast - Organic

Our dedicated decaf drinkers, this one’s for you—an organic, responsibly sourced, and chemical-free coffee that still has all the flavor and taste you’re looking for.

  • We Taste: Cocoa, Cherry, Creamy
  • Origin: Peru
  • Variety: Mixed
  • Process: Washed

This coffee is Mountain Water Processed, a decaffeination process that does not use chemicals to remove the caffeine from the un-roasted beans.

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The Story Behind the Coffee

Decaf drinkers deserve good coffee, too! That’s why we’re taking the decaf coffee experience to the next level by responsibly sourcing organic beans and roasting them with a little extra TLC.

So how does it go from full-caf to decaf? Water! This coffee is processed in Mexico at the Mount Water Process (MWP) facility, which means that no chemicals are used for removing the caffeine. Instead, green coffee is soaked in water, where the caffeine is extracted from the beans, trapped by filters, and then the beans are dried again.

Although MWP decafs are processed in Mexico, the coffee can come from any country. We source ours from a long standing buying relationship with the COMSA cooperative in Marcala, Honduras—we’ve been roasting their coffee since 2014! When it’s the off-season for coffee in Honduras, we source our decaf from elsewhere, but it’s always certified organic and chemical-free. Decaf is sounding better and better!

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