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Colombia Inmaculada Fellows Mix Anaerobic Natural

Colombia Inmaculada Fellows Mix Anaerobic Natural

Light Roast

This is the first coffee we have roasted from the esteemed Inmaculada Coffee Farms. The anaerobic natural fermentation of this lot is sparkling clean, with no funky, over-processed, or over-fermented flavors. Only the fruit and berry flavors remain. This is a fun one! The varieties are composed of 60% Castillo and 40% Pink Bourbon. It is named "Fellows" because this coffee is grown on neighboring farms and delivered to Inmaculada for processing.

  • We taste: Blackberry Jam, Green Apple, Pink Moscato
  • Producer: Holguin Family
  • Farm: Inmaculada Coffee Farms and neighboring farms
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Altitude: 1,700 - 2,000 masl
  • Variety: 60% Castillo & 40% Pink Bourbon
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The Story Behind the Coffee

In 2010, the Holguin family kickstarted Inmaculada Coffee Farms, not just as a venture but as a mission to weave nature and quality into the fabric of their community. Nestled in the breathtaking Andes mountains of Colombia, Inmaculada has mastered the art of cultivating and processing extraordinary coffees. Inmaculada has become a global benchmark for exotic coffees, earning recognition from both roasters and competitors alike.

The Fellows Farms project is a neighborhood initiative for Inmaculada. These coffees are sourced from neighboring farmers and processed at Inmaculada. This initiative aims to improve farmers’ quality of life by enhancing their agronomical and harvesting practices, utilizing Inmaculada’s expertise to meet specialty coffee standards. Farmers are paid ripe cherry bonuses, receiving on average 30% above the market price.

Processing starts with floating to separate greens, leaves, and stones, followed by electronic and hand sorting to remove non-optimal ripeness, greens, dried, and unripened cherries. Next, natural processed anaerobic fermentation is employed to standardize the profile. The coffee undergoes parabolic natural drying in three stages over an average of 15 days in greenhouses to utilize sunlight efficiently.

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