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Heat Wave

Heat Wave is a medium roast blend of two special coffees – Colombia Black Condor and Guatemala Fénix. These are washed process coffees and we think the blend tastes delightful with notes of almond, cherry and citrus. These beans endure temperatures over 400 degrees and they come out transformed and tasting magical, so if a heat wave hits you this summer, just ride it out, stay hydrated and enjoy the journey, goodness awaits you.

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At Backyard Beans, our commitment goes beyond great coffee - we also strive to deliver exceptional customer service.  We’ve heard your feedback and diligently created a new, fully customizable coffee subscription program. The subscription new program allows you to choose your delivery day upon signup, customize the frequency of your shipments, pick the coffee roast and bag size to suit your needs, and offers a new ground or whole bean option!

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