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Brazil Caliari Anaerobic Natural

Brazil Caliari Anaerobic Natural

Light Roast

In 2012, Demilson exported his first container of coffee, which was purchased by our import partner, Royal NY. The coffee sold within 12 days! Demilson and his team at Legender Specialty Coffees in Brazil are sourcing truly amazing coffees from smaller farms located at higher elevations. At these Sitios, the coffee is handpicked, unlike at the giant Fazendas at lower elevations in Brazil where mechanical pickers are used. Farmer Vanderson Caliari Alves processed this lot with anaerobic natural fermentation. The coffee is very sweet with a pineapple aroma. In the cup, we taste brown sugar, strawberry, and coffee cake. This is not your typical Brazilian coffee.

  • We taste: Brown Sugar, Strawberry, Coffee Cake
  • Producer: Vanderson Caliari Alves
  • Region: Minas Gerais
  • Elevation: 1,100 masl
  • Variety: Yellow and Red Catuai
  • Process: Anaerobic Natural
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The Story Behind the Coffee

From Royal NY:

Sitio Caliari is owned by Vanderson Caliari Alves and his wife Brigida, third-generation coffee growers. Mr. Alves inherited the first 10 hectares of land from his father and has slowly grown the farm by buying land from neighbors. Sitio Caliari, named after his Mom’s maiden name, is now over 90 hectares of land. In addition to producing their own coffee, Sitio Caliari has become a resource in the community. They provide services like drying, processing and temporary storage of lots to their neighbors. Mr. Alves also experiments with different processing methods. About 20% of the farm’s production, including this lot, is processed using Anaerobic fermentation. In this fermentation process, the batch is fermented for 8 days in drums, 4 days in the yard and then finished in the dryers. Royal New York has partnered with Legender Coffee to import this specialty green micro lot coffee from Brazil.

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