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10 Years: Anniversary Blend

10 Years: Anniversary Blend

Medium Roast Blend

We’ve been hard at work crafting our special 10th-anniversary summer blend that we know you're going to love! We brought together a medium roasted Brazil and Ethiopia coffee—together these bring forth flavors of chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, and berries. Join us in raising a cup of this amazing coffee to another 10 years at Backyard Beans Coffee Company!

  • We Taste: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Berries
  • Blend: 50% Ethiopia and 50% Brazil
  • Altitude: 1100 - 2100 masl
  • Process: Natural
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The Story Behind the Coffee

It’s our 10th anniversary, and we created a summer blend to remember. We brought together a Brazil and Ethiopia coffee—roasted medium to do this! The Brazil natural has notes of chocolate, peanut butter, and raisin, and it's creamy smooth. The Ethiopia natural is full of milk chocolate notes as well as blueberry, strawberry, and cherry. Together, they create a unique and delicious blend perfect for celebrating milestones (or Monday morning). Here's to another 10 years of great coffee right here in our own backyard!

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