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Uganda Sironko Natural

Uganda Sironko Natural

Light Roast

Sironko processing station brings us this “Pure Natural” made from only the ripest red cherries delivered from surrounding farmers in northern Mt. Elgon. In the cup you will be met with an aromatic bouquet of blackberry and molasses, the cup is sweet and bright with notes of key lime and cherry.

  • We Taste: Blackberry, Key Lime, Molasses, Cherry
  • Producer: 113 Mountain Harvest certified smallholder farmers in Northern Mt. Elgon
  • Region: Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda
  • Altitude: 2,000 - 2,200 masl
  • Variety: Nyasaland, SL-14, SL-28
  • Process: Natural
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The Story Behind the Coffee


Sironko Station is the central hub of innovation and research for Mountain Harvest. Here Ibrahim Kiganda and his assistant Ruth Chebet receive cherries from hundreds of participating smallholder farmers. Equipped with years of data, Ibrahim fine-tunes his station and staff each season, allowing him to take Mountain Harvest coffees to competitions globally to secure Uganda’s place in the specialty industry. In 2022 he was the Uganda National Barista champion! You will be sure to see Uganda’s excellence in these coffees!

Mountain Harvest incentivizes cherry sales by upping the price by over 30%. They also provide services to participating farmers that includes income diversification, financial literacy, regenerative agriculture, microfinance and a professional picking program.


Ibrahim Kiganda, Processing Manager of Sironko Station, waits to produce the naturals until the rain has subsided. To produce a good natural you need dry weather. You also need the best ripe cherries. Sironko calls this lot a “pure natural” because only the best of the best red ripe cherries are used. Red ripe cherries delivered from farmers in the Northern communities Yilwanako Mayiyi and Buginyanya that have a BRIX score of 18 and above go directly to raised beds for drying until about 10% moisture content.

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