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Peru Cusco Kukipata

Peru Cusco Kukipata

Light Roast

Cusco is located in the southern part of Peru. Coffees here grow in quite remote areas at high elevations. Smallholder farmers from the Kukipata community ferment these coffees in tanks for 30-36 hours prior to washing, then drying for 15-20 days on raised beds and in solar dryers. We love this coffee for its comforting and dependable profile – cinnamon roll, almond, and apple butter. Cozy up and enjoy this on drip.

  • We Taste: Cinnamon Roll, Almond, Apple Butter
  • Producer: Various smallholder producers of the Kukipata community
  • Region: Inkawasi, Cusco
  • Altitude: 2100
  • Variety: Typica and Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
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The Story Behind the Coffee

From our importer Red Fox:

Cusco, ancestral stronghold of the Incas, has a dynamic ancient culture that stands out worldwide. Inca customs and legacies still exist as an important part of Peru's identity. Cusco, despite being an Andean area replete with snow-capped mountains, lagoons and frozen areas, also contains a large portion of the Peruvian Amazon, a place where different cultures converge and home to the greatest biodiversity in Latin America. It is in this forest where some of the finest coffees in Peru are produced—especially in the valley of Inkawasi.

Inkawasi is a unique place with a wide variety of environs, where you can perceive drastic changes in the terrain and climate in just a couple of hours’ travel. More than 12 hours of drive from Cusco are necessary to reach this valley, mostly zigzagging up and down the Andes on dirt roads—and the coffee farms are even further out.

Coffee is now the most important product of Inkawasi valley and a decisive factor in the economic and social improvement of the producers of the area.

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