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Heat Wave - Seasonal Blend

Heat Wave - Seasonal Blend

Medium Roast

Heat Wave is a medium roast blend of two special coffees – Colombia Black Condor and Guatemala Fénix. These are washed process coffees and we think the blend tastes delightful with notes of almond, cherry and citrus. These beans endure temperatures over 400 degrees and they come out transformed and tasting magical, so if a heat wave hits you this summer, just ride it out, stay hydrated and enjoy the journey, goodness awaits you.

  • We taste: Almond, Cherry, Citrus
  • Origin: Colombia and Guatemala
  • Elevation: 1500 - 1950 masl
  • Process: Washed
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The Story Behind the Coffee

Colombia Black Condor 

Situated in Gaitania, Tolima, an area historically impacted by conflict and renowned as the birthplace of Colombian coffee, Emmanuel, a dedicated coffee grower, embarked on a venture. In 2016, in collaboration with his family, they established a coffee processing center aimed at assisting over 15 villages in Gaitania, facilitating local coffee growers in bean processing. Our importer Forest Coffee joined forces with Emmanuel in 2019 to establish the Black Condor Project, providing support to farmers in Gaitania affected by guerrilla warfare. Fair payments are ensured to producers, offering rates 18-20% above market rate. Workshops are routinely facilitated with producers to emphasize quality and cover processes such as fermentation, drying, and cupping of their own coffees. Internal competition is fostered among producers to promote and give visibility to their coffees and improvements. The culmination of these efforts is the exquisite Black Condor Coffee. Today, the Black Condor Project has over 100 independent coffee producers on board.

Guatemala Fénix 

We have sourced Fénix from the Guatemala based importer Onyx. As producers themselves, they have seen over the last few generations the challenges that smallholder farmers have faced in Guatemala. Fénix is sourced from smallholder farmers and it is a statement of hopeful solidarity. It is these smallholder farmers that have faced natural disasters, a 30 year civil war, and other adversities. Onyx’s goal is to help working families gain market access and knowledge, then “we rise together”, hence the name Fénix. 

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